The board of directors

Anllaouddine Abou

Anllaouddine Abou

Anllaouddine Abou is professor of biology and plant ecology at the University of Comoros. He is preparing a doctoral thesis on the primary forests of Anjouan. He is the author of two publications: “Les espèces les plus utilisées de la forêt de la Grille” and “La dynamique de la végétation de la Grille”. In addition, he was the environmental manager of the IFAD National Programme for Sustainable Human Development (PNDHD)project, and head of the FAO national forest assessment.

Dr Anssoufouddine Mohamed
General Secretary

A cardiologist by profession, Anssoufouddine Mohamed is also very active in the voluntary sector, sitting on several Boards. What is more, this talented man has published two poetry books: “Paille-en-queue et vol” and “En jouant au concert des apocryphes”.

Nourou Houssam


Nourou works as an accountant at Anjouan Steve Doring, the company that runs the port in Mutsamudu. She also worked for two years with the ECDD project organising finances.

Ali Ahamadi

Ali Ahamadi is the director of Sanduk, a micro-financing institution (Union des Sanduk d’Anjouan – URSA). Before taking up this post, he managed agricultural development projects on Anjouan for seven years.