Our International Partners

IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature is a membership Union uniquely composed of both government and civil society organisations. It provides public, private and non-governmental organisations with the knowledge and tools that enable human progress, economic development and nature conservation to take place together. Dahari is the first member of this union in Comoros.




The Bristol Zoological Society (BZS), whose mission is to identify and implement sustainable solutions to the problems of species and ecosystem conservation through research and local collaboration. BZS is a key partner of Dahari, giving the NGO financial as well as technical ecological support.





Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is endeavoring to save the most endangered species in the world. Biodiversity is essential to our survival and their goal is to ensure the sustainable protection of the myriad plants and animals that populate our planet. Durrell is a key partner of Dahari, giving the NGO technical support in the areas of ecology and organizational development.



CIRAD is a French research group that works with developing countries to tackle international   agriculture and development issues. The project, “the program for sustainable management of the Moya forest on Anjouan in the Union of the Comoros for the reinforcement of the agricultural capabilities of the NGO Dahari,” was ledby CIRAD and is co-financed by the General Counsel of Reunion and the European Regional development Fund of the European Union as part of the Reunion Regional Cooperation Program, 2007-2013.

logo wwf

WWF is one of the largest and most respected independent conservation organizations in the world, with more than five million members and an active network comprising over 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to halt environmental degradation and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature through conserving global biodiversity, ensuring the sustainable use of renewable resources and promoting the reduction of pollution and over-consumption.

In October 2014, Dahari and WWF Madagascar signed an agreement to collaborate on sustainable development in The Comoros. This agreement encompasses natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. Dahari also benefits from the support of WWF Madagascar in the area of organizational development and capacity building.



Blue Ventures - Beyond Conservation

Blue Ventures rebuilds tropical fisheries in partnership with coastal communities. The organization has developed an innovative approach to managing marine and coastal resources as well as conserving their biodiversity. Blue Ventures and Dahari are working together to develop projects that integrate terrestrial and marine management in the Comoros. Blue Ventures also advises Dahari on integration of health initiatives and natural resource management.


ICRAF’s mission, World Agroforestry Centre, is to generate science-based knowledge about the diverse benefits – both direct and indirect – of agroforestry, or trees in farming systems and landscapes, and to disseminate this knowledge to develop policy options and promote policies and practices that improve livelihoods and benefit the environment.




Dice, University Kent

We are working with DICE, Durrell Institute Of Conservation And Ecology on a Darwin Initiative project to foster skills exchange in conservation between the Western Indian Ocean islands. DICE also support Dahari in its development through supporting institutional assessments and improvements.




Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium and The Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership support our lemur research project which began in November of 2014. The goal of this project is to identify genetic links between the populations of mongoose lemurs on Anjouan and Madagascar by analyzing DNA obtained from the feces of this species.





The Departments of Agriculture represent agricultural interests to the public authorities and to regional collectives as well as contributing to the development of rural regions and agricultural enterprises through community service.

The Department of Agriculture of Mayotte is a technical partner of Dahari as part of training given through the project for the proliferation of healthy banana trees, which is financed by the Regional Cooperation Fund of the Mayotte Prefecture.






The Agricultural School of Coconi and Dahari have formed a partnership wherein every year student interns travel from Mayotte to Anjouan for a two-month immersion program at the NGO. It is of the utmost importance to teach young people through practical experience and to show them opportunities for development in the region.



The CEFODE is an association which facilitates participation in sustainable development by sending volunteers to aid in local development projects in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. This association also provides trainingin France for those interested in working toward international cooperation and understanding. The CEFODE helps us in recruitment and allocation of volunteers; four of which were sent in 2014.



logo UCAD

The Union of the Anjouanese Comorian Diaspora is a body that represents the Anjouan diaspora in France and elsewhere. This group works with Dahari on a project for agricultural development in the south of Anjouan. One of the goals of this partnership is to reach a greater part of the Comorian diaspora in France and on the islands and to increase awareness of the problems of rural development in the Comoros.