Who we are

Dahari means “sustainable” in Comorian. The slogan of the NGO “Komori ya Leo na Meso” means “the Comoros of today and tomorrow”.

Dahari is a Comorian NGO founded in February 2013 as a key outcome of the ECDD project (www.ecddcomoros.org). Dahari benefits from the expertise, qualified team and key partners of this project, which ran in the Comoros between 2008 and 2013. From its very creation, Dahari has therefore been able to draw on five years’ worth of experience in its areas of intervention.

Our vision:
A dynamic and united Comorian society in control of its future and living in harmony with its environment.

Our mission:
Shaping sustainable and productive landscapes with Comorian communities.

Our core areas of intervention:
– rural development
–terrestrial natural resources management
– biodiversity conservation
– eco-tourism

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