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Our Ecotourism Tour

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Strategic plan 2015-2020

Plan stratégique 2015-2020 (version française)

Plan stratégique 2015-2020 (version française)

Strategic plan 2015-2020 (English version)

Strategic plan 2015-2020 (English version)

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Rapport d'activités 2013

Rapport d’activités 2013

rapport d'activités 2014

Rapport d’activités 2014


2015 Annual report (french version)

Dahari’s first three annual reports are available.

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Academic articles

Status Report: Marine ecosystems, fisheries and socio-economic context of Anjouan, Comoros (in french) (consult here the full article in english)

A bat on the brink? A range-wide survey of the Critically Endangered Livingstone’s fruit bat Pteropus livingstonii (Click to open full article in English)

Competing land-use in a small island developing state: using landscape approaches to manage sustainable outcomes in the Comoro Islands (Click to open full article in English)

La concurrence d’usage des terres dans un petit état insulaire en développement : utiliser une approche paysage pour engendrer des résultats durables aux Comores (cliquer to open the article in French)

This article was written by: Hugh Doulton, Misbahou Mohamed, Gill Shepherd, Siti Mohamed, Badroudine Ali, Neil Maddison

It has been lectured at: XIV WORLD FORESTRY CONGRESS, Durban, South Africa, 7-11 September 2015


Out of the darkness: the first comprehensive survey of the Critically Endangered Anjouan Scops Owl Otus capnodes (Click to open full article)

This article was written by: Kathleen E. Green (Bristol Zoological Society), Hugh Doulton, Ishaka Said , Amelaid Houmadi and Daniel M. Salim  (all Dahari), Soufiani M’Madi (University of Comores), Samuel P. Lloyd (Imperial College London), Bronwen M. Daniel and Richard P. Young (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust).

It was published in Bird Conservation International in October 2014.

Author’s rights: Cambridge University Press

Link to the article online: http://journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S0959270914000185





Infographics Dahari 1 year

deux ans à façonner des paysages durables et productifs avec les communautés comoriennes

Infographics Dahari 2 years

trois ans à façonner des paysages durables et productifs avec les communautés comoriennes

Infographics Dahari 3 years

Our infographics were created to give a visual representation of the key figures and results of the NGO since its inception.

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“Hadisi ya Ismaël” was produced by the ECDD Project and tells the story of a farmer from Anjouan, Ismaël Issouf Abdallah. The film won second prize at the “Comoros International Film Festival” 2012.

Ismaël Issouf Abdallah was born in the village of Adda. Over the last ten years, he made six attempts to reach Mayotte. His boat was stopped at the border three times by the police and another three times his crossing succeeded but he was arrested and sent back later.  By 2012, he’d had enough. He decided to set himself up permanently in Adda and get started in agriculture.  He needed to  restore fertility to his land, which he had inherited from his father, so he contacted the team at ECDD to ask their advice. With the help of Badroudine Ali and the other technicians on the project, he succeeded in his project and he now reaps the benefits every day.