The following people took the Discover Anjouan circuit…

“I loved meeting the local people, and witnessing Dahari’s vision unfolding, which really gives off a positive image of the country.” – Philippe (Mayotte)

“I really liked the balance between nature, culture and the social factor: seeing the countryside and some historical remains as well as experiencing first-hand a little of the lives of the farmers themselves.” – Christine (Mayotte)

“I have never travelled in a group or on an organised trip. I decided to go on this trip with Dahari because I found the concept clever. But actually, aside from being clever, this trip was a really human experience.” – Sébastien (Mayotte)

“We have been working with Dahari now for 3 years on the trips that we offer to our members. The 8-day ‘eco-tourism’ option in Anjouan is a resounding success. This trip allows for a better understanding and appreciation of Anjouan, through extraordinarily authentic meetings, but also an understanding of all the work carried out by Dahari in the field. It’s important to be able to highlight these great initiatives and to get inspired about places that might be facing similar problems. An example of a responsible journey that should be taken without thinking twice!”  Benoit Morel – Director of The Mayotte Association for Naturalists


The following people took the ‘Four Islands Biodiversity’ circuit…

“This trip was a big success. I came for the Scops owls and I was able to take some beautiful photos of the four species. I am very satisfied. I would recommend Dahari’s services in the future” – Alan (United States)

“Our journey through the islands of Comoros, isolated but captivating, surpassed all expectations. A truly incredible experience thanks to the team at Dahari. We’re very grateful.  – Justin Nicolau, guide at Birding Ecotours (South Africa)