Agricultural experimentation sites

Amongst our agricultural experimentation sites are our 3.5ha site at Pagé which is located 5 minutes from the centre of Mutsamudu and the 1ha CRDE of Salamani which is 15 minutes from Domoni. These sites, on the verge of becoming profitable are at the core of our agricultural interventions.

In these sites we develop and test innovations and organise demonstrations.  We have been developing one of the most complete banks of crop varieties in the Comorossince 2008 and we multiply the varieties which are most in demand by farmers. Furthermore, we conduct all of our training courses for our technicians there.


Since 2008, we have been able to develop multiple innovations of which some are already being reproduced nationwide through other actors in the sector: micro-irrigation,permanent crop cover,low-cost cattle feedlots, feedlots with rainwater collection systems, the introduction of new species of fodder such as Bracharia and the introduction of a new variety of very productive potato (Rosana).

Thanks to our technical partnerships with CIRAD Réunion and the multiple agricultural structures in Mayotte, we intend to heavily develop this research and development activity, in order to be able to assist in the development of the agricultural sector in the Comoros.