Reforesting watersheds in Adda, Outsa and Ouzini

Following the first analyses that were performed on the three watersheds under community protection in the villages of Adda, Outsa and Ouzini, actions to reforest the watersheds were identified by farmers in these areas.



  • Training on setting up forest and fruit nurseries was offered in the villages of Adda, Outsa and Ouzini
  • More than 4,000 forest and fruit plants were produced
  • Plans for the sustainable reforestation of 100 hectares to protect watersheds in Adda, Outsa and Ouzini by the end of December 2015 were agreed upon

Strengthening the capacities and structures of water management committees

The water management committees in Ouzini and Adda received support with regard to techniques for setting up nurseries and structuring their committees. This support focused on practical training in the context ofproducing forest and fruit plants. Thanks to this support, the Ouzini committee is formalised and seen in the village as the leading actor for managingvillage water resources and the watershed.