CIRAD’s territorial cooperation operational program (POCT)

Within the framework of the Territorial Cooperation Operational Programme 2007-2013 for Réunion, co-financed by the General Council of the French department of Réunion and with funds from the ERDF of the European Union, CIRAD has provided technical and financial support to the NGO within an integrated landscape management approach.

The support comes in several sectors, namely: agro-ecology, agroforestry, integrated pest management, the multiplication of food-producing seeds, crop/livestock integration, and a community-based approach to natural resources and forestry management.

The region of Forêt de Moya, where the NGO intervenes, is one of the last two large forested areas in Anjouan. It is under intense pressure which places the fragile forest ecosystem, its biodiversity and the entire dependent water system at risk.

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