ARChE_Net project

Over 2014-2015, Dahari participated in the international project ARChE_Net on ruminant livestock.

The ArChE_NET project aimed to define regional strategies for managing the adaptation of livestock systems to agro-ecological and socio-economic changes, thanks to access to innovative management tools and the strengthening of skill exchanges in the Indian Ocean.

These tools have allowed reflection upon alternative management and technical arrangements in order to improve technical and environmental performance of the systems of production, the quality of animal production and the economic viability of the farms. They have allowed the anticipation of necessary developments in livestock advising within a context where the economic, social and environmental factors are in evolution.

The NGO Dahari has participated in the information collectionstage for calibrating a spectrometer, the SPIR, which allows for the identification of the qualities of the fodder, soil and organic material in a simple fashion.

For more information, you can consult the project’s website: