Subsidy policy

We want to maximize the contributions of beneficiaries to activities in order to ensure their commitment and ensure that the subsidies which we receive from our funders are well invested. This aid can be comprised of natural (labour or inputs) or financial support depending on the types of assistance the NGO provides. In order to ensure this policy, we take care when evaluating the maximum contribution of beneficiaries, which we can ask for prior to each campaign. The innovative activities are generally undertaken for the most part by the NGO. For other activities, which are already more well-known and which have already been proven, we ask for the beneficiaries to participate in them from 50% to sometimes 100%. The idea being to little by little have them become autonomous, yet while also ensuring their commitment throughout the production process, from the harvest through to the selling. This step is likewise important for making the NGO sustainable and giving it the image of a “supporter” and not only a “provider”.  None-the-less, we are conscious of the difficulty, for some of the poorest farmers, to come up with the money for seeds. We are currently reflecting on a solution in order to overcome this last obstacle.