Conservation Philosophiy

Conserving the unique biodiversity of the Comoros is one of Dahari’s key objectives. We believe that the preservation of endemic and endangered species is important in itself and we also recognise the role played by the majority of species in maintaining ecosystems and ecosystem servicessuch as soil fertility and the water cycle.

why conservation in the comoros?

The small size of the Comoro Islands means that the interdependency between humans and biodiversityis very marked. Despite being among the five most important biodiversity hotspots in the world, the Comoros is very behind in its implementation of conservation measures. Added to this aregrowing demographic pressures, resulting in deforestation and a lossofsoil fertility, which not only constitute a threat to biodiversity, but also to a local populationdependent on natural resources.

Dahari’s conservation approach

Our conservation philosophy follows some basic principles:

– It isessential that priority is given to improving living conditions before implementing environmental protection measures as this will ensure that biodiversity is preserved and that a population’sliving standardscan bemaintained in the long term.
– From an ethical point of view, the local populationmust benefit from the conservation measures that are set up, and not be adversely affected by them. These populations must also decide what conservation measures are implemented and manage the initiatives undertaken. These two conditions guarantee the long-term success of an intervention.
– Interventions must be founded on science and on a principle of ‘best practice’which draws onapproximately thirty years of global experience in participatory conservation work.

In the Comoros, there is a significant lack of scientific data to help identify andorient conservation measures. As a result, the ECDD Project, from which Dahariwas born,set the objective of creating a broad base of ecological data and ofproducing forest maps and endangered species distribution models. Now that this groundwork has been completed, Dahari is seeking to develop its conversation initiatives based on the priorities identified. Find out more about our conservation activities.

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