Improvement in access to water

Access to water is among the main constraints to production for farmers in the Comoros. The lack of water has led to the habit of not irrigating, while every plant requires water, even for example banana trees and taro which are not traditionally irrigated in the Comoros.

We intervene at different levels: the development of irrigation zones, setting up rainwater collection systems in rural areas, raising awareness on the optimization of yields through irrigation over dry periods, and by agricultural methods which use water more efficiently.


Irrigated zones

In order to facilitate agricultural activities (market gardening and food crop production) and improve farmers’ yields, Dahari has proceeded to set up irrigated zones in specific areas with agricultural potential.

Within these areas, two perimeters have been installed in two Intensive Development Sites in Adda and Ouzini at low cost. The Water Committees Union in Anjouan (UCEA) has been responsible for the technical support. Beneficiary shares of approximately 5000 KMF per member have been collected. Members have also contributed labour as well as materials.