Agricultural extension methods

Agricultural outreach in Comoros is very important. After the end of CADER in the 1980s, agricultural outreach sharply decreased: today, agricultural practises are not well enough adapted to the demographic context (Anjouan has over 600 inhabitants/km² – one of the most populated places in the world) which requires major agricultural intensification in order to meet needs sustainably today as well as tomorrow.

Our model is based on several elements:
(1) empowering a qualified team which is on-site, including agronomists aided by village extension agents (a total of 15 people)
(2) placing emphasis on agricultural training with the systematic establishing of Farmer Field Schools and demonstration plots
(3) emphasizing a broad agricultural extension of improved varietiesat the core of our intervention areas, starting with our multiplication sites and our network of nurseries in the villages (4) ensuring visible impact through focusing on the intensive development of certain zones.