Market gardening and potatoes

Market gardening and potato farming are activities which are generally undertaken close to the village and are income generators, and therefore popular with our beneficiaries.

We support farmers in the acquisition of quality seed, training in techniques relating to improved production, improvement access to market, while also promoting early, late, and off-season planting.

Since 2013, Dahari has imported potato seed in order to be able to assure the quality of the products cultivated by local producers. Dahari encourages the producers to cultivate potatoes because they are a profitable crop which sells easily. Dahari also encourages farmers to implement two improved practises: off-season production and replanting.

The practise of off-season potato farming is little known in the Comoros. Dahari carried out its first test with producers in the off-season starting at the end of September 2013.  The experience was conclusive: producers harvested their potatoes in November and were able to sell them at an attractive price.

One other technical innovation identified by Dahari is the technique of replanting. Potato seeds can be replanted up to two times. Therefore, the importation of seeds can allow for up to three potato crops. This technique is employed in many countries, however it is very little-known in the Comoros. The introduction of this technique in Outsa has been a success. As such, Dahari seeks to promote it heavily throughout its intervention area.