Eco-tourism by Dahari

Dahari offers an unrivalled opportunity to engage in ecotourism in the Comoros. The expertise of our team in the realms of biodiversity, agriculture and local communities allows Dahari to provide a more enriching experience for holidaymakers who are curious and open to the concept of sustainable ecotourism.  This is an enlightened way to discover an archipelago that has been preserved from the effects of mass tourism, and to understand the cultural diversity of the Comoros.


Why ecotourism?

Dahari’s ecotourism programme has two main objectives:

  • to generate revenue for the local people who are supported by our field programmes and also for our local partner associations
  • to participate in our efforts to develop income generating activities for Dahari that will eventually allow us also to become less dependent on funders.

If, in achieving these objectives we can also revitalise Anjouan, establish some tourist inflow, and showcase our country, all the better!


Three reasons to travel with Dahari

  1. Dahari’s ecological guides are experts in the flora and fauna of the islands of the Comoros.
  2. The NGO Dahari is embedded in local communities, facilitating inter-cultural understanding.
  3. 25% of profits earned through tourism finds its way back directly to the local communities, and the rest is invested in Dahari’s field programmes.



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