Ecotourism in the Comoros

Dahari offers a visit to the four islands of the archipelago of the Comoros (Mayotte, Anjouan, Mohéli and Grande Comore) for lovers of biodiversity. The circuits are custom-made according to the species you want to see:

  • birds
  • bats
  • reptiles
  • butterflies
  • others

The trip is aimed at strong walkers. Its main theme is ‘biodiversity and hiking.’

  1. Biodiversity:

You will observe the species in their natural environment. In Mayotte, you will be accompanied by guides from the Naturalistes de Mayotte.  On the other three islands, ecological technicians from Dahari will guide you.

  1. Hiking:

You will ramble through the forests and the steep slopes of the Comoros to the observation points. The circuits include nights in bivouacs in order to maximise the time available for species observation.