Ecotourism in Anjouan

Dahari offers you a tour of the island of Anjouan. The expertise of our team in the realms of biodiversity, agriculture and local communities allows Dahari to provide a more enriching experience for  holidaymakers who are curious and open to the concept  of sustainable ecotourism. Local partners join us, and complete the team in order to offer up their knowledge of the various sites.

The trip revolves around four central themes, which contribute a certain rhythm to the visits:

  1. 1 Biodiversity
    Much of the biodiversity in the Comoros is unique: have you ever heard of the Anjouan scops owl or the Livingstone’s fruit bat, two species that are endemic to the archipelago? Do you really know everything there is to know about YlangYlang? More information here.
  2. Culture
    Arabic, Portuguese, English and French, each has left cultural traces as it has passed through. Anjouan is a multi-faceted island, tolerant and relaxed, enriched by its many different cultural encounters. You can also discover the most beautiful mosques on the island (Mutsamudu, Sima and Domoni), visit the medinas and the markets, witness the vestiges of French YlangYlang exploitations, as well as the current local distilleries. You will discover the famous Shiromani, the local indigenous clothing, and its many regional variations made by craftspeople here…
  3. Agriculture and territorial development
    It is with the greatest pleasure that we are able to take you to meet some of our beneficiaries, in the various villages where we help out. You will also learn all about the various agricultural and environmental issues, the solutions proposed by our NGO, the results of different projects currently running, and an Anjouan-specific point of view on the evolution of agriculture on the island. You will also be able to share a communal meal with our beneficiaries – the best way to discover ‘mataba’ and Comoran cuisine…
  4. Hiking
    Anjouan, much like her bigger sister, la Réunion, is the perfect place for hiking, rambling and discovering nature. In Anjouan, stroll to lake Dzialandze, walk from Jimilimé to Ouani, or climb Mount Ntringui to overlook the whole island.

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