School gardens

School gardens are plots close to a school intended to teach students about the fundamentals of agriculture. The concept of the school garden is a model from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations from which Dahari has drawn inspiration in order to promote the experience in three priority villages: Adda, Outsa and Ouzini.

The gardens have been set up with the participation of different stakeholders such as the educational authorities, the members of the board of the school, the NGO Maeecha which provides teaching advice, and finally the pupils. The contribution of the pupils resides in cuttings for enclosing the plot: each student provides a cutting.

The students benefit from theoretical and practical training relating to the school garden. To provide them with a framework, all the participants in the garden work as volunteers with the sole aim of helping the school. The profits are used to offset school costs: purchasing desk-benches, chalk and money for school fences…