Crop-livestock integration

Crop-livestock integration is one of our key activities given the situation in Anjouan, with one of the highest population densities in the world. In our intervention zone we have diagnosed a considerable lack of knowledge and practiceof fertility management in plots close to the village, which directly affects the productive capacity of the agricultural plots.

Livestock farming is fairly widespread, but there is a problem with fodder: on average, a crop/livestock farmer spends 10 hours a week collecting fodder. To combat this, we organise in each farmer field school training on composting and the management of manure, and we distribute improved local varieties of fodder whilst teaching multiplication techniques. We likewise promote an integrated cattle feedlot model, a model which is still not very widespread in the Comoros, which consists of working with the livestock farmer on animal health and nutrition, the management of fodder and the production of compost from manure.