Rural development

  • Farmer shops

    Farmer shops

    Having good high-quality agricultural inputs is not easy if one does not live in a town or city. In order to address this need in rural areas, we have teamed up with village entrepreneurs. We have developed shops which sell agricultural inputs locally in our intervention villages, with two objectives:…

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  • School gardens

    School gardens

    School gardens are plots close to a school intended to teach students about the fundamentals of agriculture. The concept of the school garden is a model from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations from which Dahari has drawn inspiration in order to promote the experience in…

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  • ARChE_Net project

    ARChE_Net project

    Over 2014-2015, Dahari participated in the international project ARChE_Net on ruminant livestock. The ArChE_NET project aimed to define regional strategies for managing the adaptation of livestock systems to agro-ecological and socio-economic changes, thanks to access to innovative management tools and the strengthening of skill exchanges in the Indian Ocean. These…

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  • Subsidy policy

    Subsidy policy

    We want to maximize the contributions of beneficiaries to activities in order to ensure their commitment and ensure that the subsidies which we receive from our funders are well invested. This aid can be comprised of natural (labour or inputs) or financial support depending on the types of assistance the…

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  • CIRAD’s territorial cooperation operational program (POCT)

    CIRAD’s territorial cooperation op

    Within the framework of the Territorial Cooperation Operational Programme 2007-2013 for Réunion, co-financed by the General Council of the French department of Réunion and with funds from the ERDF of the European Union, CIRAD has provided technical and financial support to the NGO within an integrated landscape management approach. The…

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  • Germination network

    Germination network

    Since 2015, Dahari has formed a part of the regional project for the conservation and valuing of genetic plant resources in agriculture, medium of sustainable development in the Indian Ocean. Within this context, the NGO participates in different actions which value plant resources and the characterization and valuing of genetic…

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