Rural development

  • Improvement in access to water

    Improvement in access to water

    Access to water is among the main constraints to production for farmers in the Comoros. The lack of water has led to the habit of not irrigating, while every plant requires water, even for example banana trees and taro which are not traditionally irrigated in the Comoros. We intervene at…

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  • Sustainable land management

    Sustainable land management

    Given the context in Anjouan, under some of the most intense demographic pressure in the world and with hilly terrain of increasingly degraded land, sustainable land development is integrated across our support programs. Conservation techniques such as seeding under plant coverage, mulch and the development of terraces and contour cultivating…

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  • Agroecological approach

    Agroecological approach

    How to sustainably intensify crops while conserving natural resources and ensuring the food security of the population? These two challenges are being dealt with by Dahari which has put into place several agricultural approaches and techniques in order to ensure the sustainable intensification of crops, namely, the principles of integrated…

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  • Hedging


    Hedging (embocagement) is a technique which consists of planting cuttings of leguminous plants which carry out multiple functions: (1) they function as a fence, playing a fundamental role as well as offering protection against straying animals (2) they fertilize the soil (3) they protect the soil against erosion (4) they provide fodder and…

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  • Crop-livestock integration

    Crop-livestock integration

    Crop-livestock integration is one of our key activities given the situation in Anjouan, with one of the highest population densities in the world. In our intervention zone we have diagnosed a considerable lack of knowledge and practiceof fertility management in plots close to the village, which directly affects the productive…

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  • Support for food crops

    Support for food crops

    Bananas, cassava, taro and sweet potatoes are the main subsistence crops in Anjouan. Subsistence farming is very extensively practised in our intervention area: a considerable amount of producers practise it on faraway plots, often on hills or in the forest. The majority of small farmers plant without fertilizing the soil…

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  • Market gardening and potatoes

    Market gardening and potatoes

    Market gardening and potato farming are activities which are generally undertaken close to the village and are income generators, and therefore popular with our beneficiaries. We support farmers in the acquisition of quality seed, training in techniques relating to improved production, improvement access to market, while also promoting early, late,…

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  • Agricultural experimentation sites

    Agricultural experimentation sites

    Amongst our agricultural experimentation sites are our 3.5ha site at Pagé which is located 5 minutes from the centre of Mutsamudu and the 1ha CRDE of Salamani which is 15 minutes from Domoni. These sites, on the verge of becoming profitable are at the core of our agricultural interventions. In these…

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  • Agricultural extension methods

    Agricultural extension methods

    Agricultural outreach in Comoros is very important. After the end of CADER in the 1980s, agricultural outreach sharply decreased: today, agricultural practises are not well enough adapted to the demographic context (Anjouan has over 600 inhabitants/km² – one of the most populated places in the world) which requires major agricultural…

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