Natural resources management

  • My perfume tree!

    My perfume tree!

    “Mwiri Wangu” means “My Tree” in Comorian, and is the name given to a project carried out by its two “parents”, Initiative Développement (ID) and Dahari. These two NGOs, French and Comorian respectively, have come together to protect the trees on the island of Anjouan by collaborating with the distillers…

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  • Our approach

    Our approach

    Natural resource management is central to Dahari’s objectives because rural Comorian communities rely on natural resources to meet their daily needs and for their agricultural and economic activities. The degradation of these resources is the result of intense human pressure. Between 2000 and 2010, the Comoroshad the highest rate of…

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  • Supported collective actions

    Supported collective actions

    DAHARI’s APPROACH TO NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Relying on our field experience and the different data at our disposal, we are establishing a natural resources management approach based on the following points: First, we help farmers living and working close to potential areas for collective natural resource management to improve their…

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  • Analysing watersheds with 3D models

    Analysing watersheds with 3D models

    To better engage and involve farmers in the analysis of their land, we are testing use of a 3D model. This tool is used for local  management of resources and has already had success in other countries. The experiment was conducted on the watershed of the village of Adda, where…

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  • Reforesting watersheds in Adda, Outsa and Ouzini

    Reforesting watersheds in Adda, Outsa an

    Following the first analyses that were performed on the three watersheds under community protection in the villages of Adda, Outsa and Ouzini, actions to reforest the watersheds were identified by farmers in these areas.   Achievements Training on setting up forest and fruit nurseries was offered in the villages of…

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