Our actions

Dahari works in the Comoros since 2013.


Our actions

We work in four major domains:

– rural development: We support farmers to develop their agricultural activities by proposing improved environmentally-friendly techniques and seed varieties, with the objective of increasing their income sustainably.

– natural resources management: We empower rural communities to take decisions with regard to the sustainable use and management of their land through protecting essential natural resources: water, soil and forests.

– biodiversity conservation: We promote effective biodiversity conservation in the Comoros by proposing participatory conservation activities based on social and ecological research.

– ecotourism : We organise ecotourism tours to showcase the culture and biodiversity of the Comoros in order to generate revenue for communities, our local partner associations, the NGO, and tourist operators.


Dahari met en place des actions d'éco-tourisme afin de dynamiser les Comores et de générer des fonds pour les paysans appuyés par nos programmes de développement