At the end of April, Dahari, in partnership with the marine conservation organisation Blue Ventures Madagascar, launched a healthcare study project funded by Amplify Change called “Development of an integration model for community healthcare in managing natural resources”.

Based on the “Population Health Environment” (PHE) approach developed by Blue Ventures in Madagascar, this nine-month study aims to assess the healthcare situation in villages on the island of Anjouan and to provide a clear vision of healthcare needs in the communities where Dahari is working. The Dahari team received training from Blue Ventures on the PHE approach so that it can lead focus groups with healthcare stakeholders and communities. These focus groups will help the team identify the healthcare needs in the communities. As part of the training and to test the approach, two focus groups were conducted in the village of Adda. These initial focus groups allowed participants to share their community’s healthcare challenges and to express their main needs.

Applying experience from their successes in Madagascar, Blue Ventures will provide specialist support to Dahari throughout the project, adapting its research to Anjouan and helping Dahari to identify the healthcare activities that can improve the living conditions of families in Dahari’s intervention zones.

Blue Ventures also supports Dahari in its marine management activities. The partnership between the two organisations has strengthened in order to respond more effectively to the immediate needs of communities while preserving the environment.

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