On Sunday, May 21, Dahari organised a tasting contest in Adda with the women’s associations of the village. Four varieties of cassava were in the spotlight: the H45 of Grande-Comore, the Mhogo mwegne of Mohéli, and the Shihawati and the purple cassava of La Réunion.

Forty-eight women from 11 associations in Adda participated in teams for the taste test. A jury, presided over by the mayor of the municipality, awarded the prize for the best cassava-based dish.

The Mhogo mwegne of Mohéli cassava won the Dahari Culinary Prize. “Bako Djema” improved cookstoves—provided by the NGO Initiative Development—were awarded as prizes to each participating association.

This event enabled the inhabitants of Adda to mobilise and gain awareness of Dahari’s actions and missions. The day closed with a traditional dance, Tari, in the presence of more than 400 women showing their solidarity with the NGO.

We thank the community of Adda for its warm welcome!


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