On May 27, in partnership with the City Hall of Mutsamudu, Dahari organised its second agricultural fair with products grown by the farmers it supports, as well as numerous other rural actors of Anjouan.

Close to 80 farmers represented Dahari’s 13 intervention villages. In addition to supporting the farmers in their agricultural development by suggesting improved techniques and environmentally friendly varieties, Dahari wished, again, through this fair, to bring together Anjouan farmers and more than 800 visitors from the region eager to discover local, quality, and environmentally friendly products.

Dahari organised its first fair in June 2016, and regularly organises points of sale in Mutsmudu. These events train farmers in the commercialisation of their products with the goal of making them autonomous. These events also enable them to sell all their products at once and obtain significant direct benefits.

During the official speeches, the Mayor of Mutsamudu called upon Dahari and its partners to continue their efforts so that Anjouan’s inhabitants can incorporate good practices. The Director of the Governor’s Office of Anjouan emphasised the importance of being able to consume locally grown products and banning the use of chemical fertilizers.

Join us for the next fair in May 2018, and follow Dahari’s Facebook page to find out the date and place of future points of sale!


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