Out of all the activities set up by Dahari, the goal that keeps us going and makes us strive to continue never changes: to guide and support farmers with the one aim of helping them become 100% independent. Gaining this knowledge is therefore at the heart of our mission and the CEP (Champs Ecoles Paysans – Farmers’ Field Schools or FFS) organised every week in the villages are there to support this objective and this project which is funded by the PFCC (Programme Franco Comorien de Codéveloppement – Franco-Comorien Codevelopment Programme).

Since September, Dahari has organised training sessions in 11 villages that the organisation has been working with on the propagation technic in seed trays for Musa (banana). This means that more than 200 farmers have been able to learn about the specifics of this method: preparing the stumps, husking, treatment, transferring them to seed trays, monitoring the seedlings and protection. These processes are carefully supervised by our technicians so that no step is missed out and to ensure that the propagation technique can be followed easily by every farmer.

The context of this training comes at a time where Dahari has received 845 plants and Musa (banana) stumps from Mohéli. In mid-November, the entire Dahari team met at the port to collect the goods and to organise the deliveries. From Bimbini to Adda, passing through Moya, the lorries refuelled for a day in the areas where the trained farmers were waiting for the Musa.

Livraison bananiers Dahari Livraison bananiers Dahari

For the 2016/2017 food campaign, around 170 seed trays have been set up or are being installed.  Each village will therefore be able to benefit from around 15 seed trays and around 75 stumps. With the knowledge that a stump can produce five shoots on average, we are confident and believe that this wave arriving from Mohéli will be able to meet the needs of the campaign and the farmers. Once the stumps have grown, the farmers will be able to collect five plants and therefore ensure growth for the following campaign and in turn their agricultural independence.

Among these 845 stumps and plants, more than a dozen varieties are represented including local yet rare varieties from Anjouan and varieties which have been improved by research.

The project has therefore been set up in the majority of Anjouan villages and the next few months will be key in order to figure out if the techniques have been understood and taken on board. The Dahari technicians will now monitor the growth in order to be able to take an overall assessment and identify the successes/difficulties.

While we wait for the film based on the exceptional delivery, here are some photos that were taken during the project…

Livraison bananiers Dahari

Livraison bananiers Dahari

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