10 reasons to support Dahari

There are 10 days remaining to reach our goal of raising $60 000 for our project Sing Comoros Forests, which is for planting 150 000 trees in the Comoros in 2016. We already collected 57% of the amount, but we  still need your donations to reach our goal. Please let us give you 10 reasons to support us.


  1. To save the forests of the Comoros

Because the Comoros have suffered the highest deforestation rate in the world from 2000 to 2010.And if we don’t act fast, the forests will disappear.

  1. To support the farmers and increase their revenues

Because the money raised by Dahari will also plant fruit trees, trees for wood production and fast growing tree species to reduce erosion in the fields.

  1. To Save the Livingstone Fruit Bats

Because it’s a flagship species that is endemic to the Comoros, and there are no more than 1200 individuals remaining in the wild.

  1. To safeguard the remaining rivers

Because among the 45 rivers that were permanent on the island of Anjouan, only a dozen remain. Time has come to protect them.

  1. To offer a better future to Comorian kids

Because children are the future of this country, and itis our duty to leave them a healthy environment with enough natural resources to sustain them.

  1. To be involved in the creation of the first ever protected forests in the Comoros.

Because Dahari is the first organisation to put in place forest preservation actions, in Adda, Outsa and Ouzini.

  1. To get the album “Sing 4 Comoros Forests”

Because Dahari united the best Comorian musicians to support our cause :Maalesh, Cheikh MC, Nawal, Eliasse, Costy, Goulam, Mounawar, Dadiposlimand the band Ouvoimoja.

  1. To get involved in the fight against climate change

Because the world leaders made a decision at the COP21 in Paris, and because all the actions lead by Dahari contribute to attenuation and adaptation to climate change.

  1. To raise awareness about the Comoros at the international scale

Because supporting Dahari will help people from all over the world discover the country, its issues, and its initiatives.

  1. To please yourself

Because according to MRI observations, acts of generosity such as donating activate the part of the cortex that produces endorphins, the hormones of happiness!


So don’t wait any longer, and donate to our campaign! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sing4ComorosForests

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