Comorian musicians unite to help Dahari reforest the Comoros

Since November 30th, we launched a large crowdfunding campaign to reforest the Comoros. Our goal? Raising 60 000 dollars in 10 weeks. The concept? Uniting some of the best-known Comorian musicians to produce an album, « Sing for Comoros Forests », to motivate the diaspora and the younger generation to invest in their country’s future.


Why this campaign?

The Comoros suffer from the highest deforestation rate in the world between 2000 and 2010, which causes serious problems for the unique biodiversity and for local farmers, who depend on water and fertile soils provided by the forest.

On the island of Anjouan, the environmental decline is already visible : only a dozen of 45 previously permanent rivers remain and agricultural yields are in sharp decline. A vicious circle has set in with poverty leading to increased deforestation and vice-versa

Dahari’s project is to plant 150 000 trees in 2016 with local communities : fruit trees and trees grown for timber and fuel to boost farmers’ income, fast-growing tree species to form erosion breaks and provide fodder for cattle, indigenous trees to protect water sources and provide feeding resources for endemic biodiversity. The total budget of the project is $60.000. And this is where we need your help. But first, let’s talk about music.

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Bringing music and development together

This campaign unites the anjouanese band Ouvoimoja (‘united’) and some of the best-known Comorian musicians. Proceeds from the album will support Dahari’s work with local communities to reforest the Comoros and bring hope of a sustainable future.

The album « Sing for Comoros Forests »is an initiative from Dahari and Ouvoimoja. Many of the most famous Comorian musicians are joining forces to support the campaign and will feature on the album, which will include the three singles from Ouvoimoja : Walozi (the fishermen), Rilemewa (we are tired) and Ulanga (nature). Already signed up: Maalesh, Eliasse, Cheikh MC, Mounawar, DadiPoslim, Costy, Goulam.

The album will be used as a communications tool in the Comoros to help motivate the younger generation to engage in a sustainable future. By buying the album, the Comorians who live abroad will also be able to act concretely to protect the environment in the Comoros.



How you can help

To achieve our goal, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on the website Indiegogo :

You have several ways to help us :

  • Share the campaign on Twitter and Facebook with hashtag #Sing4ComorosForests ;
  • Take a picture with a #Sing4ComorosForests panel and share it on social networks ;
  • Shoot a video of you singing for Comoros forests and share it on social networks, with hashtag #Sing4ComorosForests ;
  • Share the campaign in your network and encourage your contacts to donate.
  • This is a unique opportunity to help us protect the forests of the Comoros, while enjoying some fantastic local music.

We count on you to spread the word. Because we can achieve this goal only if we are together !

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